Job Prospects in Nutrition and Dietetics

Nutrition and Dietetics is a major, growing field and the job prospects and possibilities in this field are never-ending. Nutritionists and dieticians can get jobs in hospitals, health and sport clubs, restaurants, nursing care facilities, teach the discipline of nutrition and dietetics in schools and institutions of higher education, catering divisions of star hotels, research labs of food companies, in health departments of government etc. They can moreover work as counselors or perform private practice. Furthermore they can come across opportunities in the mass media, where top priority is offered to distributing essential information on healthy living.

The major fields in which they can work is in Food service, HealthCare, Institutional Catering, Research & Development as well as public Welfare. Food service field consist of food Catering service in a restaurant, where experts can do menu arrangement, keeping an eye on the cooking etc. Institutional Catering is a new field where Nutrition and dietetics experts are required to plan, manage and arrange nourishing and balanced food for schools, institutions, industrial units or office canteens etc. Their job might also consist of the assessment and purchase of food provisions and equipment; receiving, examining and taking account of supplies etc. Those who are caught up in such work are identified as Administrative or Management dietitian or Nutritionists.

In Health Care field, people being ill with certain illness for example diabetics, heart diseases, fatness etc, have to take added care of their eating habits and the type of food they have. Conditional on the diet requirements of the patients, dieticians assemble their diet charts and check the outcomes of nutritional treatment and maintain records. Research and Development involves carrying out research on a range of food items to test their quality and studying the outcomes of different sorts of diet on the body chemistry in labs. The research dietician or nutritionists perform study on nutritive value of food which helps to know the different constituents of food we have and the exact kind of food which offers a reasonable combination of the basics like vitamins, minerals etc required for the human body.  Businesses involved in food product making make use of the services of the nutritionist or dietician to plan and explore new products and to test the dietary feature of their products. Research jobs crop up mostly in colleges, specialized institutes, food product manufacturing companies and hospitals.

Nutrition and dietetics experts work for public Welfare as well; they work in associations mostly public health departments run by government, which helps in improving the eating habits and therefore, the wellbeing of the community.


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